Pet transport

Whatever pets you have, we can move them. At Aussiemove we have moved horses, snakes, dogs, cats, goldfish, and all other types of regular household pets.

Moving your pets can be an anxious time. They're as much a part of your family as everyone else! But it's important when you move to think about being both compassionate and practical. If you are moving your family interstate, you might not have room for your dog, for example. And if you need to stop overnight, then it's possible your dog won't be welcome in hotels along the road.

Think about how to move your pets ahead of time

When you have to move your pets, you need a removalist who specialises in pet transport. That's why we will connect you with our specially selected pet movers. They will get in touch with you to discuss your pet's needs, and any transport requirements, so that everyone – including your pet! - is happy.

Moving your pets overseas?

If you’re moving your pets over a long distance, such as from Australia to New York, it’s a long flight. Many people think that tranquillising their pets will help reduce their anxiety. What it actually does is slow down your pet’s senses and movements, which can make them less likely to survive. Like humans, their blood pressure goes up and down, and they are far better to have their wits about them.

Like you, your pets will fly in a pressurised container. It’s dimly lit – so animals like dogs will lie down and go to sleep once you’ve taken off.

And there's no need to worry: The cockpit can see into the animal hold, too, thanks to internal cameras.

There may be particular requirements when you move your pet overseas. While many countries no longer have quarantine requirements, you may need to have particular veterinary checks completed. And you will also likely need a pet passport.

Our pet movers will make sure that everything is covered. Contact us now to find out how you can move your pet in comfort


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