pageimage18Any move can be stressful and difficult if you don’t have good advice. The advice you’ll get here is the best you’ll get.

Start planning at least six weeks in advance, if you can

Getting estimates and quotes six or more weeks ahead of your move allows you to de-clutter and reduce your gross volume if you need to. This is especially important if you have a budget. A good removalist will work hand-in-hand with you to make the process easier.

House size is not a good indication of gross volume

Your estimation of how much you have will be in relation to the people that you know, because that’s the only comparison we all have. That’s why estimating based on house size is not accurate. Over the years, we have loaded the same amount of stuff out of a two-bedroom house as out of a four-bedroom house. Having your removalist come and evaluate your gross volume before getting a formal quote is the only way to get one that’s accurate.

Some things are not eligible to be moved

It’s important to know what can’t be moved, so you know what to put in storage or get rid of before your move. Ineligible items include:

  • Flammables
  • Any chemicals; this includes garden fertilisers, car products, cleaning products
  • Bottles or containers of anything that’s been opened (including cooking oil or alcohol).

Contact us to find out whether your items are eligible 

pageimage12It’s not a good idea to give your pet tranquillisers when they fly

If you’re moving your pets over a long distance, such as from Australia to New York, it’s a long flight. But a tranquilliser will slow down your pet’s senses and movements, which makes them less likely to survive. Like humans, their blood pressure goes up and down, and they are far better to have their wits about them.

Like you, your pets will fly in a pressurised container. It’s dimly lit – so animals like dogs will lie down and go to sleep once you’ve taken off. A little known fact is that the cockpit can see into the animal hold, too, because of internal cameras.

Depending on where you’re moving your pets to, there are other things you need to do.

Your pet may need a passport for your move, and you may need to arrange particular vet checks ahead of the move. Most countries don’t have quarantine requirements for animals, but some still do. If you’re moving your pets overseas, we will get specialists to come and talk with you about the move before you accept your quote. Call us to learn about the process before you lock in your quotes

If you don’t want to handle your move, you can hand it over

Few people are aware that you can hand the entire operation over to an experienced removals company like Aussiemove . Known as 'turn-key' operations, this is when you can literally walk out and leave the whole lot to us: From packing down to setting up in your new location. This includes everything from unmaking your bed, to cleaning your house, moving, setting up and unpacking your stuff.

pageimage15Insurance is always a good idea

When your goods are being moved, there is much more risk to them. So even if you have contents insurance, it's very likely that your existing policy will not cover moving. When you take out insurance with your removals company, then everything is covered from the second they walk in the door.

This is even more important if you are moving overseas. Most overseas moves happen by sea freight. If the worst happens and a carrier sinks, then it’s likely that you will be asked to contribute towards the salvage bill.

For example, if your container is 1 of 300, and the salvage bill is $300 million (not unreasonable), then you will be expected to cover $1 million of that. Without insurance, you can find yourself in very unpleasant situations!

Aussiemove is licensed to deal in moving insurance, and is highly experienced.Call us for guidance »


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