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Since 1987, Aussiemove has been relocating people. A family business, it began with just two small trucks. Within a year it had grown to much larger premises. Now it is Australia’s largest independent moving alliance, with 18 sites across the country.

The Aussiemove network is worldwide

Our 18-site network means that we can move you anywhere within Australia in under eight days, and between capital cities in five or less.

Aussiemove is proud to have alliances with outstanding companies around the world. Each one has been carefully chosen to provide the same level of care that we are proud to provide.

The worldwide network that we maintain gives us the ability to move you anywhere in the world in approximately 55 days. This means that you can be packed, moved, arrived, and looking like you’ve always lived somewhere else in under 60 days!

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Our team is experienced and multi-skilled

Aussiemove is an enthusiastic, dedicated team. Award-winning and dedicated to achieving the best, we’re proud to have people who stay the distance. Most of us have been here for longer than five years; some as long as 20. Our team is experienced in all aspects of the business.

At Aussiemove we are proud to have a knowledgeable and skilled team. Each of our team members can do almost everything that needs to be done to make your move the best moving experience you will have.

The reason that our customers consistently have good experiences is because our team members know everything that we do. Our team knows everything about the business of moving. Everyone - from our removalists to our admin staff - can answer your questions.

Waste reduction and green policies are core to our business

When you think about it, moving could potentially have a large environmental waste. This is why everything at Aussiemove is considered from a green perspective. All of our vehicles, and everything we maintain, is as low-impact as possible. Purchasing at Aussiemove means buying recycled materials wherever possible. Much of the timber in the process has been replaced by recycled cardboard. And once it’s used, we send it for yet another round of re-use and recycling.

Calm, stress-free moving, start to finish

The purpose of the Aussiemove team is to make your move as easy, calm, and stress-free as possible.

Moving is a great opportunity to declutter, to clean, to start over. It’s about much more than just moving your stuff from one place to the next. Our team understands how big the job really is, and how to make it all happen.

Aussiemove you can choose how much or how little help you want. You can walk out and leave it all to us - from unmaking your bed to cleaning, moving, unpackingand setting upat the other. Or we can arrange just your dog. We can even help you to decluttereffectively.

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