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An overseas move needs to be planned carefully. It needs strategical thinking, specialised skills, and   the ability to work together with international associates to ensure that every belonging of the customer is on transit and delivered in an intact condition.


If you are moving overseas, we at Aussiemove can assist you with a wide range of overseas moving services that include both air and sea cargo. Just like moving from Australia to abroad, we can help with moving from abroad to Australia. We have been helping customers move from and to Australia for many years.


We have strong business relationships with many international movers services. That means, from your international move, you can expect the same high standard of service that we provide here in Australia.


We will assign a moving consultant to look after your needs. The consultant will be assisting you with:


  • A detailed moving schedule which includes the confirmation dates for all the services
  • A moving planner containing preparatory advice, useful tips and FAQs answered.
  • Insurance documents and advice that will assist you with all your belongings' transit insurance needs.
  • Expert packing that is of international standards
  • Expert loading service – both sea and air freight containers
  • Customs clearance and quarantine clearance
  • Advice related to both customs clearance and quarantine clearance
  • Doorstep delivery of your belongings
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Packing debris removal


Here's a detailed description of what our overseas moving services include:  


Air Freight: It's generally the preferred option to ship items that need to reach the destination early. Or, to ship to locations where it's difficult to reach by sea freight. We provide door to door services using high quality airlines to any international location.


Sea Freight: In terms of cost efficiency, this is the best option out there for shipping household items and is used for most international moves. Each and every item is wrapped using protective material known as “export wrapping”. An inventory is created of all the items. Every container is shipped with well-known shipping lines in state-of-the-art vessels, using handling equipment.


Insurance: Generally, household goods are packed through a 'home contents policy', which is established on a 'low risk' situation. But, policies like that do not usually apply to items that are on transit. We have ASIC accredited moving consultants who are qualified to offer you all the information about our insurance product that's created to keep your goods safe while they are in transit and when in storage both in and out of the country. Aussiemove provides you with a statement of product disclosure which outlines the basis of our insurance policy. It is strongly recommended that you read this statement. For your peace of mind, we recommend that you opt for the transit insurance during the move and also for the time period during which your items are in storage. If you need further information, we recommend that you download our Insurance Documentation Booklet. This booklet contains our Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure Statement, and Insurance Policy Wording. In case any item is lost or damaged, we have a Claim Form which you can download, fill out and send to any of our offices where one of our claims officers will manage your claim. If you are not sure about how to evaluate your belongings, please download Aussiemove's Insurance Declaration Form.


Additional Services:


Apart from these, our range of overseas moving services include many additional support services so that your international move becomes smoother and more enjoyable.


Valet Unpacking


After a long and tiring move to an international location, it's really not easy to unpack your items and set them up. No worries. We have a valet unpacking service especially for this purpose. We can set up your entire home and clean up after ourselves so you can relax and enjoy your new home right away.


House Cleaning


We can clean the entire house that you are leaving. Our service includes carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning etc. Also, we can have your new home cleaned before your arrival.


Vehicle Moving


We offer vehicle transportation service which includes cars, motorbikes and even boats and trailers.


Pet Transport 


We know how important pets are. We have strong relationships with some of the best pet transporters in Australia who can ensure that your pets are treated with utmost care while moving overseas.


For more information on our international movers services, please contact us.

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